I believe that good artists are good people. You can’t have one without the other. The more we develop ourselves, the more in-tune we are with our inner creative force. This is a six phase course that focuses on both your inside-work of self development and nurturing your inner artist, as well as the outside-work of developing tangible tools and steps to explore songwriting. To paraphrase what world renown bassist Victor Wooten once said, when we talk about listening to music, we use words like ‘soul-stirring’, ‘spiritual’, ‘moving’, etc. But oftentimes, when we talk about creating music, we get technical and use words like ‘modulation’, ‘measures’, etc. This course is to bring the emotion and spirit back into song creation, and explores both the how and the why.

I recommend you take this course one lesson at a time. Even if you can cover a few lectures in a day, take it slow and let it percolate. The magic is in the settling and internalizing of it all.

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