Building onto our Chorus

Congrats! You've finished the chorus of the song! Whohoo!

I'll pause so you can go throw a party...


Time to build onto our main idea of the song! Let's use the tools we've learned throughout the course and write a verse that leads up to the chorus.

Let's work through the same pattern:

  1. Start with a main idea
  2. Brainstorm the main idea
  3. Pick out words or ideas you like
  4. Turn them into sentences or phrases
  5. Find or make rhymes
  6. Place into a rhyme scheme/pattern

The first verse is often an introduction of the idea, so think about how you can take what you've written in the chorus, and rewind all the way back to the beginning of that story.

For example, if my chorus is about my new bicycle, maybe my verse is introducing that thought by talking about the time when I didn't have a bicycle, but I wanted one really bad. By saying this in the verse, my chorus about getting a new bike is the natural next step in that story.

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